GM Education


You may be asking yourself what a car company has to do with education. At GM, we would say a lot.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we know it’s important to give back to society. And, as an automaker in these times, we are often on the leading edge of technology development that will help to reduce the impact our products have on the environment. We think it’s important to pass on the lessons and knowledge we’ve learned from working on these issues to the young students today who will be tomorrow’s leaders and problem solvers.

We also know that as demand for automobiles grows around the world so does the need for energy. So the success of our business depends on our ability to develop advanced technologies and solutions that help make our vehicles more sustainable. We’ll continue to need strong engineering talent to do this so we encourage young people to take an interest in science, math and technology. We promote this through the creation of classroom curriculums, hands-on experimental and experiential activities, mentoring programs, and the interactive activities and information provided on this web site. All of this material is built upon the knowledge we’ve gained in forging new ground in technology development and manufacturing practices and whether you are a teacher or an aspiring scientist or engineer, we hope you find it informative, fun and useful.